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Johnston Paint & Decorating in Columbia MO

Johnston Paint & Decorating in Columbia MO

Meeting the Expectations of the Professional Painting Contractor

Johnston Paint & Decorating is again covered in a story, “Meeting the Expectations of the Professional Painting Contractor”, for Paint & Decorating Retailer magazine. PDR is a national monthly trade magazine for paint and decorating store owners, managers and employees reaching more than 26,000 readers. © Paint & Decorating Retailer, 2009. Reprinted with permission.

Paint Supplier for Central Missouri, & Much More!

Johnston Paint & Decorating is widely known as a paint supplier for central Missouri’s professional painters and general public alike. We believe in much more than selling paint, though. We strive to provide ideas and inspiration for expressive interior design, the tools to achieve those ideal spaces, and one-on-one help along the way, from paint selection to complete interior design installations.

Overcome Your Paint Fears!

Johnston Paint & Decorating is here to help overcome common paint-related fears that may have been holding you back — a fear of color, expression, change, or just the world beyond those white walls — as well as supply the tools for your projects. Browse our Design Center and Ideas pages to get started, or skip to our Paint Center if you’re ready to start painting today!

Visit Our Showroom

Thank you for visiting our site. Come see our showroom in south Columbia. Or, contact us for more information or help with your specific project, and check back often for new Design Ideas, News and Events, and more!