Area Rug Pads

If you have a rug that slips and slides around when you step on it, you might need a rug pad! Rug pads are primarily used to keep your area rug in place. They also add some padding and space underneath your rug, separating it enough from the flooring underneath to add an extra layer of protection for both the rug and the floor. In general, rug pads are made from a slip-resistant webbed material. You can order a roll and cut it to size, or order a pre-cut pad in the specific size you need based on the dimensions of your rug.

When you visit the Johnston Paint & Decorating online Rugs.Shop, you’ll also find premium felt or polyester-blend pads. These are coated to help them stick to the floor, offering extra protection against movement. They also help to prevent scratches to your flooring, and add padding with more cushion than your typical rug pad.